[TRANS] 130918 Team B’s Chuseok Greetings


This is B.I.

The seasons have become much colder.
Everyone should make sure to keep warm and wear warm clothing.
If there’s good food, eat a lot of it.
Happy holidays~

From Team B’s leader B.I




Theme: Chuseok

The full moon slowly rises, and the cold wind blows by
All the family members gathered in one place, making rice cakes side by side, and eating them side by side
In front of the TV on Friday nights
Let’s have a fun Chuseok with WIN!

From Bobby


Happy Chuseok

(The figure to the right is saying: “Rice cakes… Rice cakes…Rice cakes…”

Hello everyone!
I am Team B’s maknae Donghyuk^^
Chuseok arrived so fast this year!! (Wah~!!)
Ah, special announcement!! With your family members, come and watch ‘WIN’

(The little side note on the left with the arrow))I heard that if you eat rice cakes while cheering for Team B, you won’t get fat even if you eat a lot…

Cheer for Team B!! Don’t forget!!!

Happy Chuseok!! I love you!!!

From. Donghyuk



Wahoo~ It’s Chuseok already 🙂
Um…since we’re practicing diligently for the battles, we probably won’t take a break and continue to practice. For Chuseok, I will eat rice cakes with the members who are my 2nd family and spend it with them…Haha
Everyone should pass this time happily with your family members, and eat a lot of good food!!! For those who are dieting, eat a lot of good food for this year’s Chuseok as well~ Your health is the most important ^o^ Also, don’t rest for too long! I will be jealous ㅠㅠ I will practice happily while thinking of our fans! I hope everyone will have a happy Chuseok!

(T/N: Chuseok is the Autumn harvest festival, similar to Thanksgiving, and it is a tradition to eat rice cakes during this time of the year.)



Hello~ I am Team B’s maknae Junhwe~
Even though Chuseok arrived quickly, it’s finally here he
You must definitely eat until you’re full on Chuseok, and make lots of lovely memories with your family~!
Please also support Team B a lot~ hihi

The last thing I want to say is!
Have a prosperous autumn~~



I am Yoonhyung who is responsible for the sweet vocals in Team B hihihi

I think this is my first time greeting everyone [shocked face]!!
I will be showing off my “charms” in the future, please anticipate!!

We, Team B, will work even harder in the future!
The weather has turned very cold, please take care of your health so that you don’t catch a cold hihi

Source: Team B’s Daum Fancafe
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits