[NEWS] 130913 JYP Praises ‘WIN’ Kang Seungyoon as “Cool”

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Kang Seungyoon was praised by JYP Entertainment representative Park Jin Young.

On the Sept. 13th Mnet Broadcast of ‘WIN’, all 11 of the YG trainees headed over to JYP.

As representatives of YG, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun performed G-Dragon and T.O.P’s “Baby Goodnight” along with fellow member Kim Jinwoo for the remix of Park Jin Young’s “I Already Have a Woman.” During the performance, Kim Jinwoo mistakenly forgot the lyrics, but the members were fortunately able to escape the crisis.

After finishing, Kang Seungyoon and the other two members looked understandably nervous. On the Mnet audition show of ‘Superstar K’, Park Jin Young once told Kang Seungyoon that he couldn’t see him debuting(?).

However, this time, JYP praised Kang Seungyoon, saying “I really want to compliment you.” “Although Jinwoo forgot the lyrics in the middle of the song, you did well in searching for a way out of the situation.” “Although your training is sort of like a grunge(?), your voice wasn’t strange at all.”

‘WIN’ is the ambitious project for YG Entertainment who will be putting out a new boy group seven years after Big Bang has debuted.

Source: StarNews via Nate
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits


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