[NEWS] 130907 ‘WIN’ Another Side of Yang Hyun Suk

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On the Sept. 6 broadcast of Mnet’s WIN program, the WIN trainees of Team A and Team B finally held their monthly evaluation, which they had painstakingly practiced for the month.

During the judging, Yang Hyun Suk appeared to have a very grim expression on his face. However, his warm preparation for the trainees greatly amused the viewers.

Yang Hyung Suk’s objective points and trainings towards the trainees helped build suspense as well as helping them sober up. For the monthly evaluations as well, the team that loses will be excluded from taking a vacation to the beach

Team B, who won the evaluations, tried to shake away the guilt they felt towards Team A. At the end of losing two consecutive monthly evaluations, Team A eventually had to reluctantly go back to their dorms. Yang Hyun Suk quietly prepared a surprise event for Team A, showing his caring side.

At the end of the next day after the monthly evaluations, Team A came back to their hostel after a hard day of training to find their dining table overflowing with food. There was also a message left on the wall, saying “Be strong!” from YG, cheering Team A up. It was also a present to Team A as well, to make up for the long years spent away from home, but Yang Hyun Suk’s warm heart could not be shown due to the fairness of the competition.

The short message in white on the black background said, “Be strong. From YG”, and while it was seemingly blunt, the trainees found much joy from the simple message. Team A members also commented with bright smiles, “It feels like I’m seeing boss through the message.” After being recognized for their hard efforts, they continued their practice with renewed hope.

Yang Hyun Suk commented, “By being in the WIN program and also being constantly compared to Team B, I believe that Team A will learn and evolve and have that day where they turn the tables.”

Source: TV Report via Nate
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits.


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