[TUTORIAL] How to Join WIN Team A/B Daum Fancafe


Please note that you must have a Korean cell phone number or an I-PIN number in order to join.

1. Sign into your Daum account if you haven’t already.

2. Click on the gray box in the left sidebar


3. Before typing anything into the textbox, click on the link above that’s underlined


4. If you are older than 14 years old, then click on the left blue box, if you’re younger than 14 years old, then choose the right blue box. Both will go to the same screen


5. Check the little box at the top, and choose if you are a cellphone user or an I-PIN number holder. Once again, you must have Korean cellphone number or have an I-PIN number in order to join.


6-1. FOR CELLPHONE USERS – If you are a Korean citizen, leave the dropdown box alone (the one with the arrow pointing to it). If you are a residential alien in S. Korea, then click on the dropdown box and choose the 2nd option. (If you are not a cellphone user, skip this step)


6-2. FOR I-PIN NUMBER HOLDERS – Just type the information


7. Last step: Once you’ve finished your verification, you’ll be led back to the original join page. The question to join is “How many members are there in Team A/B? (Number only)”. The answer is 11. Type that in the box, then click on the left gray box to finish joining the fancafe.


Unfortunately, since I am not living in Korea, I am unable to register, so I will be unable to help with any level-up questions that you may have. The most I can do is translate the requirements the fancafe needs to level up, but that’s about it.

Made by: winner-trans @ Tumblr; take out with full credits


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