YG Winner Trans: [NEWS] 130904 G-Dragon: “WIN hoobaes will be on my stage”…why?


G-Dragon has expressed that he wishes for the WIN trainees of YG Entertainment to join him on his stages, drawing many people’s attention.

According to G-Dragon, he said, “I want the WIN trainees to appear on the stage with me for my solo performances.”

For him, the reason is so that the trainees will gain experience and practice in their performing skills.

Just before their official debut in 2006, Big Bang also stood on stage with Se7en, YG’s most popular artist at the time, in his concert as well as having their own survival documentary also.

Just like how Se7en allowed G-Dragon to stand in front of an audience in his concert, G-Dragon would like to extend that same great opportunities to the WIN trainees as well.

Officials from YG commented, “We were also surprised by the extraordinary amount of caring that G-Dragon has for his hoobaes.” “As of right now, there’s no confirmed date of when the WIN hoobaes will perform with G-Dragon for his solo stage, but we will decide when that will take place as soon as the doctor checks up.”

(T/N: Hoobae means junior. And for those that don’t know, G-Dragon currently has a bad case of the cold.)

source: StarNews via Naver
trans cr; winner-trans @ Tumblr; take out with full credits

YG Winner Trans: [NEWS] 130904 G-Dragon: “WIN hoobaes will be on my stage”…why?


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