[NEWS] 130831 YG’s Poisnous Tongue

YG’s survival program, WIN, which had its second episode on Friday captivated the audience.

In the previous episode, Yang Hyun Suk emphasized that the monthly evaluations would play an important role in the choosing of the trainees. However, in there was much conflict in the process of preparing for the evaluations.

In the beginning of the evaluation, Team A had a smooth start; however, Nam Taehyun, who is usually in charge of the main vocals, brought some conflict and much concern to the members.

Yang Hyun Suk’s sudden appearance led the trainees to go into an emergency panic mode. Team B, who started it off with their dance, could not get a reaction from YG.

To Nam Taehyun, YG said, “What is your role in the group? Main vocal? I can’t feel your passion. It’s as if we just borrowed you from somewhere else. To be honest, I actually wanted you to do better than Team B in the monthly evaluations. Is your condition right now fit to debut? Or are you auditioning to be a trainee?”, painfully scolding all of the trainees.

He also added on, “Why is this so terrible? I don’t know why I feel that the performance was terrible. You only look like you’re enjoying the stage when it’s your part; however, when you’re off to the side, you don’t look happy at all. You’re the most lacking in the monthly evaluations. It’s either you guys change songs, or enjoy the time you have now.”

To Team A, Yang Hyun Suk gave them incentive to work harder by saying, “You all are older than Team B by 3 to 5 years. Soon you’ll have to go to the army. If Team A does not debut from the program, then you’ll be going to the forces soon.” making Team A have a greater commitment to do better.

Finally, he left with just the words, “Put your life on the line”, without any other praise.

Vocal trainer Choi Won Suk helped raise Team B’s morale by repeatedly pointing out parts they could work on, while helping them perfect their teamwork.

Yang Hyun Suk also said to Team B that they did not have enough of a stage presence as well as saying that Kim Donghyuk and Song Yoonhyung’s position in the team are ambiguous right now.

However, in a personal interview with Yang Hyun Suk, he said, “Team B’s synchronization is amazing. B.I’s ability to improve as a leader within a month or two is astonishing.”, revealing his proud feelings.

source; StarNews via Nate
trans cr; winner-trans @ Tumblr; take out with full credits


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