[WINNERBUZZ] 130829 YG’s Longest Trainee Shedding Tears…

Original article: YG’s Longest Trainee Sheds Tears

(This will be winner-trans’ version of NetizenBuzz)

Best Replies:

1. [+537 -26] Team A or Team B, it would be nice if both of them debuted…ㅠㅠ
Both teams are really good…If one team debuts, then will the other one really be finished…? It’s such a pity…ㅜ Both teams are good;
I started to be upset too when Kim Jinwoo cried when he saw his dad. How long has he been missing him;

2. [+515 -29] I feel bad that he is the genius of hard work…I saw the part where it said that he’s the longest trainee there and barely survived a few times, and he does his effort without complaints. While trying to make the best out of an uncomfortable situation, and trying to overcome the lack of skills with effort, I also want to support Kim Jinwoo, your hard work will bear fruit, I’m cheering for you!!

3. [+395 -35] It’s been four years since the last debut…I think it’s time

Source: Nate
Translated by: winner-trans @ Tumblr


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