[NEWS] 130827 YG Trainee Bobby’s Attractive Chic Reversal Charms

YG Entertainment’s trainee, Bobby, is someone who is eye-catching.

The first broadcast of WIN ‘Who Is Next’ on August 23 show 11 trainees divided into Team A and Team B, and amongst them was Bobby. YG’s first male group in seven years after Big Bang, the show showcased the ambitions of the trainees to become WINNER and their drawn-out struggles in doing so.

Bobby of Team B, especially, caught the attention of viewers watching the broadcast. Although he only appeared for a brief moment in the first episode, he left a strong impression.

In a separate interview with Bobby, he looked like a young boy with a shining smile. However, contrary to his bright appearance, during the monthly evaluations in which Yang CEO personally looked over, Bobby underwent a reversal transformation that turned him from a young boy to being chic.

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Source: StarNews via Naver
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes


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