[INTERVIEW] 130826 Seungri on YG’s New Boy Group

Q: I heard that Kang Seungyoon said that you were the scariest sunbae in YG Entertainment?

Just like how GD once helped me, he also needs a guiding figure like GD as well, and I am that guiding figure. Right now, the WIN competition is getting harsher and harsher, I want to tell them ‘Fighting!’. Personally, I am supporting Kim Jinwoo, because he is a previous student of Seungri Academy, and I was the one that brought him to YG. During the first six months that I started being a trainee, Yang CEO would always say, “Yah! The person in the red hat/red clothes.” Since he always called me that, everyone else started calling me Red Hat/Clothes as well, so like this, I still remember my trainee name.

Source: @戴口罩的小狮子Esther
Translated by: winner-trans @ Tumblr


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