[NEWS] 130825 Kim Jinwoo’s Between Tears & Fears, Viewers Sympathize

The hot tears of YG Entertainment’s longest trainee Kim Jinwoo (22) has earned the viewers’ sympathy.

The pilot broadcast at 22:00 on August 24 of YG Entertainment’s rookie boy group survival program WIN: Who Is Next that featured Superstar-K’s Kang Seungyoon and K-Pop Star’s Lee Seunghoon revealed the story of Team A’s Kim Jinwoo.

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Kim Jinwoo is in the survival competition to fulfill his dream of being a singer and his endless practices without any rest or break to relieve his stress and fears have gained the viewers’ sympathy. Along with that, him going back to his hometown after 3 years and crying after seeing his father made many viewers’ hearts pinch.

Kim Jinwoo is currently the longest training trainee in YG, and as secured his place not through genius talent but through constant effort. Fellow Team A member Kang Seungyoon said “Jinwoo hyung doesn’t sleep. He is really a genius of hard effort.”, which left the team a very strong impression and inspired the other fellow team members to strive to achieve even more.

However, in the monthly evaluation, Yang CEO tells him “Compared to your expressions, your skills aren’t being shown.” After noting this, Kim Jinwoo became depressed and left to go meet with his father in his hometown in Imja Island, after being away for 3 years.

After seeing his father’s fishing boat coming in through the docks, Kim Jinwoo was unable to suppress his difficult feelings and started to shed tears. His father, as well, started to cry too after seeing his son, leaving many viewers saddened.

Viewers who watched until the end of the broadcast commented, “I applaud you for chasing after your dream all the way until the end”, “Even people who have natural talent cannot beat those who make the effort”, “I felt the salty tears as well. I wish there was something that put a smile on my face and made me laugh.”, and other messages of encouragement.

Source: StarNews via Daum
Translated by: winner-trans @ Tumblr


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