[PROFILE] 130820 Team B Member Profiles

Kim Jin Hwan

B Team’s strongest hyung! Power dance and vocal charms, Kim Jin Hwan

94.02.07 “20 y.o”, Rooster, Aquarius, Blood Type is A
Hobbies: Night viewing, Guitar
Skills: Foreign [languages], Swimming, Trumpet

Song Yun Hyeong

A sweet and charming tone. Close friends with Seungyoon hyung

95.02.08 “19 y.o”, Boar, Aquarius, Blood type is A
Hobbies: Biking
Skills: Exercising


Dream of being in Team B, the atmosphere maker! Swagger Kim Ji Won (T/N: That’s his real name)

95.12.21 “19 y.o” Board, Sagittarius, Blood type is O
Hobbies: Basketball
Skills: Swimming, Freestyle jam


Little Indian boy rapper has grown up! Team B’s charismatic leader, Kim Han Bin! (T/N: That’s his real name)

96.10.22 “18 y.o” Rat, Libra, Blood type is O
Hobbies: Walking
Skills: Composing, Writing Lyrics, Beatbox

Kim Dong Hyuk

Student body president, brain god! Team B’s long-range vocal, Kim Dong Hyuk

97.03.01 “17 y.o”, Rat, Capricorn, Blood type is B
Hobbies: Piano, Drums, Guitar
Skill: Basketball

Koo Jun Hoe

A 7-challenge dream machine! Individualistic, top man award

97.01.03 “17 y.o” Ox, Ram, Blood type is A
Hobbies: Collecting music
Skills: Nunchuks

Source: jinhwan_a @ Weibo
Translated by: winner-trans @ Tumblr


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