[NEWS] 130820 YG’s Team B “We are WINNER!”

YG’s Team B held a press conference at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul for YG’s survival program, WIN: Who Is Next.

The program will run for 10 episodes, and due to going through the tough YG trainee system, Team A and Team B will be going through a fierce battle to obtain the group name ‘WINNER’ and an official debut. Team A has previous Mnet Superstar K contestant Kang Seungyoon and previous SBS K-pop Star contestant Lee Seunghoon; the group has an average age of 20 y.o and made of 5 people. Team B has the BI, the rapper who was featured in MC Mong’s ‘Indian Boy’ MV when he was 12 y.o, as well as K-Pop Star’s Gu Junhee. Team B has an average age of 17 y.o and is made of six people.

The ‘WIN’ Program will be 100% determined by viewer votes and will be featuring representative producers and special guests will participate in the process as well.

Source: SBS E!News via Naver
Translated by: winner-trans @ Tumblr


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