Any plans for KANG SEUNG YOON to appear on TV after the release of “WILD AND YOUNG” on July 31?

We are planning to carry out PR on television for KANG SEUNG YOON, starting from Inkigayo on August 4 with his “WILD AND YOUNG” performance.

But since KANG SEUNG YOON is busy filming the survival program ‘WIN’ with other trainees from YG in preparation to form a boy group, we have to coordinate his TV program schedule carefully.

Tell us some untold stories behind “WILD AND YOUNG”!

Actually the song “WILD AND YOUNG” is a product of YG’s main producer Teddy 2 years ago. So the song was produced without having KANG SEUNG YOON in mind.

Back then we already had the lyrics and demonstration tape completed, but as the song did not exactly fit into the style of YG artists, we could not find its ‘owner’. When KANG SEUNG YOON came in to record a different song, we just asked him to sing the first verse of Teddy’s song. When he heard him sing it was like finding the last piece of the puzzle. We immediately decided this would be the first title song for his solo debut.

How many title songs will KANG SEUNG YOON release?

LEE HI, who made a debut early this year, released 3 title songs and music videos “1,2,3,4”, “IT’S OVER”, and “ROSE” from her first album and made TV appearances with those songs. We are planning to do the same for KANG SEUNG YOON and release 3 title songs.

In a nutshell, after releasing “WILD AND YOUNG” on July 31, he will be releasing two other title songs, each in August and September.

All three songs were produced by different composers, but one interesting feature is that KANG SEUNG YOON’s third title song is written by G-DRAGON.

Because G-DRAGON and TAEYANG trained at YG for so long they understand what the trainees go through during the preparation process. So when G-DRAGON heard KANG SEUNG YOON’s demonstration tape, he kindly wrote the lyrics to the song without a moment of hesitation.

To be continued…

2013 . 07.23  FROM YG


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