[YG-LIFE] With the Return of Heavy Rain, KANG SEUNG YOON’s ‘RAIN’ was Fell All Day Long

On July 16, heavy rain came back after a short break to central areas, and online, “it rained” all day with a song of KANG SEUNG YOON.

KANG released “IT RAINS”, a song for advance release, on July 16, and the song captured many Internet users’ eyes and ears all day long. Reflecting the high expectation for him, Kang’s name and the tile of the song ranked the top as the most popular real-time search word on giant portal sites several times.

KANG is a singer who rose to stardom through Mnet’s “Superstar K” Season 2. After the program, he entered YG Entertainment, which is known for its distinctive know-how in producing talented singers, and was trained for 3 years. Finally, he has released “IT RAINS,” which is the official debut song for him.

In particular, as KANG is a brand new singer, YG’s new songwriters CHO SUNG-HWAK and JANG SEOK-JOON have collaborated to write a song that feels different.

When the song was finally released, KANG and YG received explosive response. As soon as the song was released, “IT RAINS” topped Melon, the biggest music site.

The song is a soft and a sentimental rock ballad, which sings about the heart of a guy who broke up with a girl and perfectly features KANG’s special voice that captured the audience of “Superstar K”.

KANG will release “WILD AND YOUNG”, a strong-beat rock song, later this month, and he will go on to release a mini album in early September, which will feature the gist of his work of the past 2 years as a trainee at YG.

2013. 7. 16.

Source: YG-Life


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