[YG-LIFE] KANG SEUNG YOON’s “IT RAINS” Tops the Real-time Music Chart; “What’s So Special About it?”

[이투데이 유혜은기자] The rookie singer, KANG SEUNG YOON’s “IT RAINS” ranked first in charts.

With the guerrilla-release of “IT RAINS”, which is a song for advance release, on July 16, KANG topped 5 online real-time music charts, including Melon, Olleh, Mnet, Daum, and Monkey3.

After appearing on Mnet’s “Superstar K2” in 2010, KANG joined YG Entertainment and trained for 3 years. He has finally become a solo singer with the release of the song, making an official debut on the K-pop stage.

“IT RAINS” features the harmony of gentle guitar and KANG’s voice, and lyrics touches the hearts of those with the pain of loss as it goes “It rains to my heart/and it rains so cold.”

After this song, KANG will release “WILD AND YOUNG”, a strong-beat rock song, later this month, and continue on to release a mini album in early September. Plus, YG Entertainment’s real survival audition program “WIN” is awaiting KANG as well. “WIN” will pick members of the first boy band in 7 years since BIGBANG’s debut. Expectations are high for whether KANG will continue as a solo singer or also as a member of the band under the name “WINNER”, after the two-month survival program.

2013. 7. 16.

Source: YG-Life


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