[NEWS] 130715 KANG SEUNG-YOON wins the hearts of women with teary eyes in teaser image of new song

KANG SEUNG-YOON revealed a teaser image of his very first song


KANG SEUNG-YOON, who is to release his first debut solo song “IT RAINS” tomorrow (July 16), posted a teaser image of the song on YG’s official blog. 


In the image, he steals the hearts of women with his teary eyes and moist hair from the rain.


The teaser image is the first one for KANG SEUNG-YOON since he joined YG Entertainment. He was first discovered in a talent show program Superstar K Season 2 three years ago, where he garnered much popularity.


KANG SEUNG-YOON, dubbed “rookie that does not look like a rookie”, gained popularity when he sang YOON JONG-SHIN’s “INSTINCTIVELY” in Superstar K. Although he did not win, he left a great impression on the audience. Fans were mesmerized by his sentimental voice and relaxed attitude on stage.


Because talent show programs were so popular, it was hard for actual singers to rank #1 on music charts. But KANG SEUNG-YOON’s version of the song swept across the charts and also aroused interest for the original version.


Since then, KANG SEUNG-YOON joined YG Entertainment and devoted 3 long years on training. Many were curious to see where he would go from there.


And finally, tomorrow (July 16), his mini album’s first song “IT RAINS” will be revealed to the public for the first time.

YANG HYUN-SUK, the producer of YG Entertainment, said, “We are now carefully coming up with plans for KANG SEUNG-YOON to make an appearance on TV, which was not included in the original proposal. And we are thinking the beginning of September for his mini album release.” At the end of the month, he will be revealing “WILD AND YOUNG”, a song of strong rock and his refreshing voice.



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