[NEWS] 130225 Lee Seung Hoon of ‘K-Pop Star’ to debut as member of YG Entertainment’s new boy group

Lee Seung Hoon of ’K-Pop Star‘ will not be debuting as a solo as previously thought, but rather as a part of YG Entertainment‘s new boy group.

According to insiders in the music industry, Lee Seung Hoon is currently training hard as a rapper for YG Entertainment, even sacrificing his weekends to practice. He’s currently practicing as part of a team because he’s planning to debut as a member of a new boy group. Still, fans were unsure because of rumors of a solo, but Yang Hyun Suk himself confirmed that Lee Seung Hoon will be a part of this group.

In an interview with Star News, Yang Hyun Suk stated, “Lee Seung Hoon won’t be debuting as a solo but as a member of a team. His talents shine much brighter in a team environment. He has leadership skills, and he is talented at coming up with choreography. He’s practicing right now on improving his rap skills. Lee Seung Hoon and those who practice with him pretty much treat the practice room as their home. They practice into the early morning every day, and work even on Sundays. His debut will depend on his own efforts, but there’s no doubt that he’s practicing diligently. At the earliest, he can debut within this year, and at the latest he will debut next year.

However, it seems like the new team that he’ll be a part of isn’t the boy group that YG Entertainment mentioned in the past and fans have been expecting. In fact, he’s part of a totally different group. Yang Hyun Suk said, “His group is different from the new boy group that YG Entertainment was originally preparing. His team will be very different compared to the basic idol groups“.

Source: Allkpop


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