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[FANTAKEN] 131129 WINNER Leaving Gimpo Airport

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[FANTAKEN] 131012 WIN @ High-Touch Event Compilation (50+P)


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[TRANS] 130918 Team B’s Chuseok Greetings


This is B.I.

The seasons have become much colder.
Everyone should make sure to keep warm and wear warm clothing.
If there’s good food, eat a lot of it.
Happy holidays~

From Team B’s leader B.I




Theme: Chuseok

The full moon slowly rises, and the cold wind blows by
All the family members gathered in one place, making rice cakes side by side, and eating them side by side
In front of the TV on Friday nights
Let’s have a fun Chuseok with WIN!

From Bobby


Happy Chuseok

(The figure to the right is saying: “Rice cakes… Rice cakes…Rice cakes…”

Hello everyone!
I am Team B’s maknae Donghyuk^^
Chuseok arrived so fast this year!! (Wah~!!)
Ah, special announcement!! With your family members, come and watch ‘WIN’

(The little side note on the left with the arrow))I heard that if you eat rice cakes while cheering for Team B, you won’t get fat even if you eat a lot…

Cheer for Team B!! Don’t forget!!!

Happy Chuseok!! I love you!!!

From. Donghyuk



Wahoo~ It’s Chuseok already 🙂
Um…since we’re practicing diligently for the battles, we probably won’t take a break and continue to practice. For Chuseok, I will eat rice cakes with the members who are my 2nd family and spend it with them…Haha
Everyone should pass this time happily with your family members, and eat a lot of good food!!! For those who are dieting, eat a lot of good food for this year’s Chuseok as well~ Your health is the most important ^o^ Also, don’t rest for too long! I will be jealous ㅠㅠ I will practice happily while thinking of our fans! I hope everyone will have a happy Chuseok!

(T/N: Chuseok is the Autumn harvest festival, similar to Thanksgiving, and it is a tradition to eat rice cakes during this time of the year.)



Hello~ I am Team B’s maknae Junhwe~
Even though Chuseok arrived quickly, it’s finally here he
You must definitely eat until you’re full on Chuseok, and make lots of lovely memories with your family~!
Please also support Team B a lot~ hihi

The last thing I want to say is!
Have a prosperous autumn~~



I am Yoonhyung who is responsible for the sweet vocals in Team B hihihi

I think this is my first time greeting everyone [shocked face]!!
I will be showing off my “charms” in the future, please anticipate!!

We, Team B, will work even harder in the future!
The weather has turned very cold, please take care of your health so that you don’t catch a cold hihi

Source: Team B’s Daum Fancafe
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits

[TRANS] 130918 Team A’s Chuseok Greetings


The days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer

It seems like summer is really gone and autumn is really here now~^^

This year’s break for Chuseok has been extended so eat more delicious food and spend it happily with your family!

Also, the temperature difference between the night and morning is very big, so be careful to not catch a cold! ^-^

– Taehyun –


Hello everyone~
This is team A’s lucky charm and singer, the spontaneous “man” – Kang Seung Yoon!!

The time for Chuseok has come.
It seemed like only yesterday when the WIN show first started to broadcast, and was so sweltering hot everyday. But in a blink of an eye, autumn is already here. Everyone will be going back to see their relatives?

Thinking about those who don’t have the opportunity to go back home to spend it with their families, I feel sad. I hope that this letter will give you some strength ㅠㅠ It’ll be nice if everyone has a happy autumn

Eat a lot of delicious food with the family you haven’t seen in a long time, and spend a joyful time with them as well.

Have a happy Chuseok~

I hope that everyone will have a happy and prosperous Chuseok!
I’ve always been grateful to everyone, I love you!!!

I can have a happy Chuseok as long as everyone has a happy Chuseok.

From Seungyoon



The big holiday of Chuseok will be arriving soon
I will spend it with the WIN members in our practice room
I originally planned to go back home and spend it with my family ㅜㅜ But for the impending battle, I decided to stay instead.
Please help me finish my portion as well~
In order to become the next Chuseok dance idol, I will go practice now Go Go Go Bye~
Have a happy Chuseok with the round moon~!

Lee Seunghoon






Hello!! Ssup!!
I am Team A’s Song Minho~
Yeah! Everyone knows that it’s Chuseok already hahaha
Don’t worry about us, eat well and eat our portion as well!!
If you have time, then make wish towards the full moon for our team with sense!!
Anyways, please be safe and happy!
Spend the holidays happily with your family!
L…Lo….I like you~



Chuseok is here happy.gif
Please eat a~lot of food before your stomach starts to fight with ywith you~
Spend this holiday happily with your family members~

Also, on Mnet at 10PM on Friday!! You guys know this right~~?
That’s right! You can watch the re-run on tvn at 11:20 PM hehehe
Let’s spend this year’s Chuseok and WIN together! biggrin.gif

Return to your hometown happily and spend a prosperous Chuseok together!! happy.gif

– Cute Jinu

Source: Team A Daum Fancafe
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits

[NEWS] 130913 JYP Praises ‘WIN’ Kang Seungyoon as “Cool”

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Kang Seungyoon was praised by JYP Entertainment representative Park Jin Young.

On the Sept. 13th Mnet Broadcast of ‘WIN’, all 11 of the YG trainees headed over to JYP.

As representatives of YG, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun performed G-Dragon and T.O.P’s “Baby Goodnight” along with fellow member Kim Jinwoo for the remix of Park Jin Young’s “I Already Have a Woman.” During the performance, Kim Jinwoo mistakenly forgot the lyrics, but the members were fortunately able to escape the crisis.

After finishing, Kang Seungyoon and the other two members looked understandably nervous. On the Mnet audition show of ‘Superstar K’, Park Jin Young once told Kang Seungyoon that he couldn’t see him debuting(?).

However, this time, JYP praised Kang Seungyoon, saying “I really want to compliment you.” “Although Jinwoo forgot the lyrics in the middle of the song, you did well in searching for a way out of the situation.” “Although your training is sort of like a grunge(?), your voice wasn’t strange at all.”

‘WIN’ is the ambitious project for YG Entertainment who will be putting out a new boy group seven years after Big Bang has debuted.

Source: StarNews via Nate
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits

[NEWS] 130913 ‘WIN’ Trainee Kim Jinwoo Forgets Lyrics to JYP’s Song…Tears

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YG Entertainment’s trainee Kim Jinwoo made the mistake of forgetting the lyrics to his song.

On the Sept. 13th Mnet broadcast of ‘WIN’, all 11 of the YG trainees headed over to JYP to battle with their trainees.

On the day of the showdown, Kang Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun sang G-Dragon and T.O.P’s “Baby Goodnight”, and Kim Jinwoo sang a remix version of Park Jin Young’s “I Already Have a Woman”.

However, Kim Jinwoo committed a tragic mistake when he forgot the lyrics to his song. Viewers commented, “It’s understandable, since he must have been trembling with nervousness.”

In his later personal interview, Kim Jinwoo reflected back on the situation and said, “I’m really sorry Yang CEO.” “To my other team members, I’m also very sorry to you all.”, finally shedding tears in the process.

‘WIN’ is the ambitious project for YG Entertainment, who will be putting out their first boy group seven years after Big Bang has debuted.

Source: StarNews via Nate
Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
Take out with full credits